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Jeans (0)

We have created a new ModJods pattern that combines the unique features of our jods and the look of your favorite jeans. With the top part made like jeans, the lower part is similar to our original ModJods pattern, but there is a bit more room in the leg that tapers to gently-modified bell that has the slightest boot influence! Snap-up bottoms protect the bell while you’re on the ground.

Featuring stylish top stitching and “M” embroidered pockets with rivets, ModJod Jeans have the performance rise (modified low rise) and belt loops. Stretch denim provides the ultimate comfort for your ride. The medium-weight cotton/spandex/lycra denim keeps you cool in the summer and is easy to layer in winter.

Perfect for the barn, shows, on the trails, …and for your everyday life. A sellout at every show. Popular choice of trainers and instructors, and anyone who rides or does anything around horses!

Currently available only in adult sizes, with suede patches in three standard colors.

NOTE: Our jeans sell out very quickly. Please call in advance to insure your size is in stock. Jeans can be ordered if out of stock, allow 6 weeks for delivery.

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Elites (0)

The World Cup Elite Modjods are the only jods with the fabulous four-way stretch fabric you love to feel…and ride…and work in. Made at the request of trainers, instructors and the academy community, the elite ModJods fit like the originals and have the same design features. It’s just the fabric that is different. You’ll enjoy great stretch combined sleek solids that are the standard for elites, along with sophisticated seasonal patterns.

The US Saddleseat World Cup Team first selected the elite fabric for their jods in 2008. A winning choice, the wonderful four-way stretch material has been used by the teams since, and so the name, “World Cup Elites.”

Our elite ModJods are perfect for show/academy. Known for their correct style, fit and comfort, the elites, (like all Modjods) have the hidden elastic in the waist to insure a smooth, seamless appearance. . The preferred fit is snug. Elites are most often requested and recommended by equitation instructors.

First offered in black and navy, (which are still the bestsellers) the fabric proved so popular that the line expanded to include other colors seasonally, such as brown, grey, camel, stone and pink.

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Originals (0)

Current inventory sells out fast! Call to ensure the fabric and size you want is in stock, or closest match will be substituted. No refunds. Exchanges within 2 weeks only.

Other fabrics are always available and change frequently. Call for details. Orders may be placed by phone.

Barn jods are now available for special orders of 10 or more pairs in your barn colors. Call for details.

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Kids (0)

ModJods were originally designed to be fun and comfortable for kids. Equestrienne daughters, ages 8 and 10 at that time, were the models.

At our first show, we had seven pairs of children’s handmade ModJods. But it was too much fun for kids only, and by Louisville that year, we had a dozen sizes for children and adults too.

Our mission was (and still is) to make a jod that’s…“the ultimate in fit, fashion and fun.” But there’s no doubt, the kids are the most fun…and some of their patterns sneak over into teen and adult sizes too!

Look for everything from the colorful and wild… to preppy… to the always practical denim. Fabrics change six to eight times each year, so there is always something new. You’ll find electric colors and light weight fabrics in the summer; there are still brights in winter, but also look for more subdued shades and heavier fabrics, including cords and fleece-lined washable wool.

What makes ModJods so great for kids? Beside the ever-changing fun fabrics, we provide the best fit. The legs are snug, the way jods should be to help prevent rubbing. Our suede knee patches help riders keep great leg contact.

ModJods are medium to low-rise, with a little hidden elastic in the waist in the back, to insure they stay where they should! In addition, all new kids’ ModJods feature an expandable waist, with elastic running through the waistband, tightened with buttons. A true three-inch hem allows plenty of room for let-down. Both features make ModJods the best choice for kids who grow so quickly.

Fabrics sell so fast it’s hard to keep the website updated. For the very latest on what’s in stock, call before ordering. If you order online and your ModJods are not in stock, we will substitute something fairly similar, or give you a call.

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Barn & College

Barn & College (0)

Barn Modjods

Many barns order our “BARN Modjods” custom-made in stable colors, with coordinating or contrasting patches. Some choose a solid, dark shade for use in academy and show. Elites are one of the solid options, as are solid herringbone twill. For the equitation instructor who prefers a uniform look and fit, ModJods are the perfect solution. While some barns go conservative, others select something fun, such as a plaid or stripe reflecting barn colors. Either way, it makes for a great stable presence at shows, when everyone comes to practice or watch in their unique barn Modjods. Pick from standard colors or let us do the shopping. Minimum order of 10, with one free pair for the trainer or instructor.

COLLEGE MODJODS…for Students and Riding Teams

ModJods are a popular choice for colleges. The program is the same as for Barn ModJods. Just select a color reflective of your school for both the jod and patch. It’s a great look, representing your school at shows. And also perfect for everyday wear at the barn. ModJods is the official sponsor for the Intercollegiate Saddleseat Riding Association (ISSRA) and makes jods for college riding teams.

ModJods will also make college visits, time and travel permitting. Students can shop from the wide variety available where it’s convenient for them.

Minimum order of 10, with one free pair for trainer or instructor.

Prices vary depending upon fabric ordered.

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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Signature (0)

The Signature line of ModJods provides great attention to style, fit and performance combined with the highest quality fabric…for the most discriminating rider, trainer or instructor. We started with the original ModJods pattern and made just a few alterations to create a beautiful, yet durable jod that is perfect for barn and show, in and out of the ring!

The side zip is one big difference in our Signature ModJods. It’s a great feature for those riders who prefer a flat front. Signature ModJods have a slightly wider waistband than original ModJods, and the side zip, overall, makes for a slightly larger waist. Belt loops, though not standard on in-stock Signature ModJods, are easily added to most pairs. Some materials are better suited to belt loops than others. One popular feature with instructors and trainers, are the neatly-placed spur holes.

Fabrics vary, but the current favorite is the Casanova. The four-way stretch is amazing, and the fabric slightly heavier than our Elite.

Signature ModJods sell out quickly, so if you would like to insure item is in stock, please call.

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